Introducing the team behind the ultimate ESL mobile app

Joseph R. Lee

Tech Developer / Director

My goal is to create the best ESL app in the world. I strive to find the best quality ESL content in many subject areas. I also want this app to be great on mobile devices. Also, custom branded versions of Elaan English Learning are perfect for schools to deliver content to students, and students will love the ease of doing thier homework anywhere, while teachers will love having access to information about student performance without marking a pile of homework. Therefore then can spend more time focusing on students skills!

Zephyr Lin

Sales Manager Asia

I believe in this product and know that schools will benefit from the top quality ESL content and data analytics features that Elaan English Learning offers. If your school wants to go paper-free, reduce teacher workload, and build secure collections of teacher content, Elaan English Learning is the best product. Elaan English Learning will lead the way towards higher quality education technology.


Japanese Translation Manager

I had been working in the translation department fot an IT company for more than 11 years and have extensive experience with technical manual translation and also device (mobile) translation (the mobile itself, mobile apps, manuals, etc.), Additionally, I have worked as an Assistant to the Director-in-Chief for an American company.

Lili J.

Serbian / Croatian Translation Manager

I am an experienced interpreter, translator and teacher with MA in English Language and Literature. I am a native speaker of Serbian passionate about English language and every kind of work related to words and meanings.

Ray R.

Traditional Chinese Translation Manager

I'm a senior student of NCUT. I'm also a big fan of MARVEL. I am addicted to all their movies, comics or series. It is always excited waiting to see sequel. Watching drama now has become one of my routines. Besides this, reading Time magazine keeps me updated about whatever happens in the world.

Lousita Lo

Traditional Chinese Translation Manager

I'm a University student in Chin-Yi and I come from Taichung. Reading novels and watching tv dramas is what I love to do in my free time!